GEFRAN, Linear Potensiometer, Type: PZ67S


GEFRAN, Linear Potensiometer, Type: PZ67S RECTILINEAR DISPLACEMENT TRANSDUCER WITH IP67 PROTECTION LEVEL Main features • This transducer is designed to guarantee a high protection level ( IP67) in applications under harsh conditions and outdoors, where it may be necessary to work in the direct presence of dust, dirt, or liquids ( not in prolonged immersion) • Its high protection level and very small size make the PZ67-A unique in terms of reliability and flexible installation • It is ideal for glass cutting and washing machines or for honers and sanders if there is direct exposure to liquids or even just steam • Indicated for test and bench equipment, especially if outdoors Useful electrical stroke C.E.U. 10/ 25/ 50/ 75/ 100/ 125/ 150/ 175/ 200/ 250/ 300 Independent linearity Resolution infinite Repeatability 0.01mm