GEFRAN, MELT PRESSURE TRANSDUCERS, MODEL: MN SERIES Output Volt The MN series of Gefran, are pressure transmitters for using in High temperature environment. The main characteristic of this series is the capability to read temperature of the media up to 400° C. The constructive principle is based on the hydraulic trasmission of the pressure. The fluid-filled system assures the temperature stability. The phisical measure is transformed in a electrical measure by means the strain-gauge technology. MAIN FEATURES • Pressure ranges from: 0-35 to 0-2000 bar / 0-500 to 0-30000 psi • Accuracy: < ± 0.25% FSO ( H) ; < ± 0.5% FSO ( M) • Fluid-filled system for temperature stability • Mercury filling volume: MN0 ( 30mm3) ; MN1, MN2, MN3 ( 40mm3) • 1/ 2-20UNF, M18x1.5 standard threads; other types available on request • Other diaphragms available on request • Autozero function on board / external option • Drift Autocompensation function ( SP version) • Standard diaphragm is 15-5 PH stainless steel with GTP coating • 17-7 PH corrugated diaphragm with GTP coating for ranges below 100 bar-1500 psi GTP ( advanced protection) Coating with high resistance against corrosion, abrasion and high temperature AUTOZERO FUNCTION All signal variations in the absence of pressure can be eliminated by using the Autozero function. This function is activated by closing a magnetic contact located on the transmitter housing. The procedure is permitted only with pressure at zero. AUTO-COMPENSATES INFLUENCE OF MELT TEMPERATURE Thanks to internal self-compensation, the MSP series transmitter cancels the effect of pressure signal variation caused by variation of Melt temperature. This reduces at the minimum the read error caused by heating of the filling fluid ( typical of all sensors built with “ filled” technology) .